Spirit Newspaper Strip #1 (June It is unknown if this was the Earth-Spirit version of Dennis Colt. The Spirit at · Spirit (comics) at Set in the classic period of The Spirit's golden age, the s, the first NYCC: PULP COMICS SUPERSTAR FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA WRITES AND. The Spirit is a fictional masked crimefighter created by cartoonist Will Eisner. He first appeared June 2, , as the main feature of a page, tabloid-sized,  Created by‎: ‎Will Eisner.


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Dennis Colt (Earth-Spirit) | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The main publisher was Kitchen Sink The spirit comics, who published the entire run of post-War Spirit stories as well as a selection of pre-War stories in The Spirit: Kitchen Sink Press also published The Spirit: DC Comics have published a volume set of Will Eisner's The Spirit Archivesreprinting the entire original series in high quality hard cover editions.

Dark Horse have completed the job the spirit comics packaging the "New Adventures" as a matching volume.

DC launched an all-new monthly The Spirit series featuring adventures written and illustrated by Darwyn Cooke and many other leading creators. The Spirit also stars in his own ongoing series the spirit comics in the "First Wave" universe. The Spirit 10 FallQuality Comics.

Cover art by Reed Crandall.

Spirit (comics)

the spirit comics The character's name is a racial punand his facial features, including large white eyes and thick pinkish lips, are typical of racial blackface caricatures popular throughout the " Jim Crow " era. Eisner later admitted to consciously stereotyping the character, but said he tried to do so with "responsibility", and argued that "at the time humor consisted in our society of bad English and physical difference in identity".


Ebony debuted as a resourceful taxi driver in the first Spirit Section. He became a mainstay of the strip and a principal member of the Spirit's supporting the spirit comics until Eisner phased him out of the narrative in mid and replaced him with another assistant, a Caucasian boy named Sammy.

Dennis Colt (Earth-Spirit)

Ebony's last "starring" role in a Spirit story a semi-regular event in which he was the focus of the story the spirit comics than The Spirit himself was "Young Dr.

Ebony", published on May 29, Sammy first appeared in "The Ballgame", published July 31,part of a six-episode arc set in the South Seas, in which Ebony does not appear. Ebony makes two wordless, one-panel appearances in the next two installments, "The Candidate" and "White Cloud" August 21 and 28, before making his final appearance in five panels of "Lurid Love" September 18, After this and apart from one final mention of his name in the text-based splash page of "The Inner Voice", published November 6,Ebony left the strip without fanfare or explanation, and Sammy functioned as the Spirit's assistant for the strip's final three years.

In an accompanying feature article in issue of the New York Herald Tribune, Eisner's former office manager Marilyn Mercer wrote, "Ebony never drew criticism from Negro groups in fact, Eisner was commended by some for using himperhaps because, although his speech pattern was early Minstrel Showhe himself derived from another literary tradition: He is a criminal mastermind and master of disguise who never shows his real face, though he is identified by his distinctive gloves.

In the second issue of the s Harvey Comics Spirit comic book, his name is given as Zitzbath Zark. The the spirit comics name is a pun on sitz bath.

  • Spirit (comics) - Wikipedia

P'Gell is a femme fatale who perennially tries to seduce the Spirit to a life of crime at her side. She seduces and marries wealthy men who invariably die in mysterious ways, and uses their money to fund her crime empire in Istanbul and expand the spirit comics influence and control over the underworld.

After moving to The spirit comics City to find the Spirit, she continues her modus operandi of selected marriages with the cream of society, even gaining an ally in the form of Saree, the young daughter of one of her deceased husbands. In the s DC Comics version, P'Gell was once a young socialite in love with a doctor, working in Third World countries, and turned to a life of crime when he was killed.

Sand Saref is a childhood friend of Denny Colt, and knows he is the Spirit.


Working in the spirit comics, she usually ends up on the opposite side of the law from him. She appears several times, always involved in some criminal scheme. Silken Floss is a nuclear physicist and a surgeon, who acts as the accomplice to the Octopus.


Cobra is a the spirit comics scientist whose chemicals and machinations inadvertently help Denny Colt become the Spirit. Mister Carrion is a morbid con man with a pet vultureJulia. Darling O' Shea is the richest and most spoiled child in the world.

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