by Mantra & shlokas on Tuesday, May 31, at pm. (Abhishekam) the Shiva deity with the following is considered fruitful. Milk gives. Lord Shiva Lingam Abhishekam and its benefits - Shiva Abhishekam is usually performed to a Lingam representing his manifestation as a. Shiva Puja is the name of the action in Hinduism by which one worships Lord Siva through traditional and ancient rites with the use of mantra, tantra, kriyas, mudras, and abhishekam.‎Introduction · ‎Abhishekam · ‎Shiva Slokas · ‎Lingashtakam.


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Now return in the clockwise manner salute Rishabham and continue clockwise till the Gomukhi not to cross it again. Then return in anti-clockwise direction salute the Rishabham again and shiva abhishekam mantras towards chaNdIshar.

Brahma again went up but was unable to find the uppermost limits. So He decided to take the help of the Ketaki flower.

Brahma decided to take the Ketaki flower back to Vishnu to bear witness that he shiva abhishekam mantras reached the top of the pillar of light. Brahma said he found the Ketaki flower atop the Jyotirlinga and ketaki supported it.

Teach me (very basic) SHiva lingam abhisheka

This lie infuriated Shiva. Brahma was cursed that for telling lie, He would not be worshipped on earth by people.

Similarly, ketaki was also cursed that she would never again be used in worship of Shiva. Thus, ketaki is debarred forever from pujas and worship of Lord Shiva.

Shiva Slokas[ edit ] The most important prayers shiva abhishekam mantras invoke and please God Shiva are done on Pradoshathe thirteenth day of every fortnight in Hindu calendarand on Maha Shivaratri according to Shaivism.

Shiva Puja

Herein the most powerful and popular Shiva Slokas are as below: We worship and adore you, O three-eyed one, O Shiva. You are sweet gladness, the fragrance of life, who nourishes us, restores shiva abhishekam mantras health, and causes us to thrive.


You must take it with intense Bhaav and faith. When you do Abhishek with Bhaav and devotion, your mind is concentrated. Your heart is filled with the image of the Lord and divine thoughts. You forget your body and its relation and surroundings.

When shiva abhishekam mantras is forgetfulness, you begin to enjoy and taste the eternal bliss of Shiv. If you do Shiva Abhishekam with Rudra Paath in the name of a person suffering from any disease he will be soon freed from that disease.

Shiva Abhishekam Procedure and Benefits

Incurable diseases are cured by Abhishekam. Abhishekam bestows health, wealth, prosperity, progeny, etc. Shiva Abhishekam on Monday is most auspicious.

By offering Panchaamrit a mixture of honey, milk, yogurt, Ghee, Gangaa Watershiva abhishekam mantras the Lord, thoughts about your body diminish.

More elaborate home shrines where abhishekham is performed regularly are made of tile or stone, in such a way as never having to lift or move the deity. You will need a container of shiva abhishekam mantras, and a spoon.


Achamanayam cup, spoon Before doing any puja it is necessary to clean your hands in front of God.

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