Does anyone know where I can obtain a copy of "Pancaratra Pradipa" (2. vol. set)the official GBC book on Deity worship? Commonly known amongst devotees. All about Pancaratra-Pradipa: Supplement to Volume 1: Method of Deity Worship for the International Society of Krishna Consciousness by GBC Deity Worship. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Pancaratra Pradipa: Illumination Of Pancaratra, Volume 1 Daily Service at Read honest and.


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Pancaratra pradipa - Fri, 08 Oct Sometimes people ask, "but I already do that, what is the scriptural answer for this? I was told that Gaur Nitai deities don't take any offenses.

Pancaratra-Pradipa: Volume 1 Daily Service (Nitya-Seva)

However do try to seek out a guru who will initiate you and under whose guidance you can engage in pancaratra pradipa archana. Gaura-Nitai do not take any offenses?


Well, I wouldn't push my luck with that. Gaura did take offence when Madhai assaulted Nityananda. They may be lenient, but it isn't like they have just switched off their pancaratra pradipa altogether.

Pancaratra Pradipa: Supplement to Volume One: Daily Service

Devi dasa pancaratra pradipa Fri, 08 Oct Well, what I was told was more specifically that Gaur Nitai murtis are merciful toward offenses like mistakes in arcana or missing elements, etc. I really have a deep attraction to Deity worship and become easily absorbed in it.

I have some previous background in liturgical ritual, etc. Certainly they are merciful in this regard, but it doesn't mean wholesale disregard of offence. For example, if you become complacent and think, "well never mind if I offend them, they don't care anyway," that would constitute an offence that is considered.

Deity worship... - prior to initiation - and in general

Whatever works in bringing you closer to Krishna, that is great. However, do remember pancaratra pradipa we always aspire to go forward and refine our services.

Govindaram - Fri, 08 Oct Its some kind of pancaratra pradipa for those of us who don't know how to do deity worship yet. I think personally its safer having pictures. Start simple then work your way up. Advaitadas - Fri, 08 Oct Worshipping pictures brings only benefit and pancaratra pradipa offences.

One does not incur the sin of failing to worship when one stops worshipping them due to circumstances. Hari Saran - Fri, 08 Oct If one of the 8 types of deities is in the form of a picture, by saying: In other words, if the deities manifest in 8 different authorized forms how can there be a distinction?

Deity worship - prior to initiation - and in general

Radhe Radhe; Nice to see you here. A form made of sand for instance saikati cannot be possibly installed, huh? After Durga-puja in Kartika in Bengal, pancaratra pradipa the straw and wooden darumayi images of Devi are massively dumped into the Ganges. No offense is made here.

The fourth practice in the Pancharatra tradition has been daily study pancaratra pradipa Svadhyaya.

The fifth recommended practice is Yoga and meditation. Through practicing the reversal pancaratra pradipa moving from the empirical to ever more abstract, according to Pancaratra, human beings can access immanent Vasudeva-Krishna and thereby achieve salvific liberation moksha.

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