Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish is set in a fantasy world from the golden age of gaming, and uses state of the art rules and game mechanics to bring you the. Items 1 - 24 of - Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish. Faction. Undead. Price. Range: £ - £ Rules Type. Core Rules · Expansion. Product Type. Tokens. Taking fantasy gaming back to its roots, Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish has all you need to enjoy old school table-top action using the fantastic Otherworld.


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The rules are designed for fast-moving, all-action games, allowing you to play a band of battle-hardened adventurers or a tribe of marauding monsters. Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish is set in a fantasy world from the golden age of gaming, and uses state of the art rules and otherworld fantasy skirmish mechanics to bring you the ultimate in dungeon adventure.

OFS1 – Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish – Rulebook

Suitable for beginners and veteran gamers alike, the fast-moving action: Many of the denizens of the Otherworld are here. Choose from over classic characters, monsters and minions to build your factions, otherworld fantasy skirmish adventurers and acolytes, orcs and ogres, demons and dragons, and many more besides!


One minion in your faction can be upgraded to be a henchmen, which gives them a boost in stats and abilities to make them nearly as powerful as a companion. The list of minions is dizzying and includes perhaps unsurprisingly entries for seemingly every model produced by Otherworld Miniatures.

Here you will find your classic hirelings, humanoids, beasts and dungeon vermin, otherworld fantasy skirmish, undead, devils and demons. Regardless of whether your heroes are good or evil, you may cherry pick from this massive list to customize your warband. Otherworld also took a different approach to upgrading minions that gives them a unique feel—while legends and companions pay to upgrade their stats and abilities, minions pay to upgrade their equipment and type.

Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish Game | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

The latter might include upgrading one otherworld fantasy skirmish your Bugbears to be a chieftain or it might be upgrading your hill giant to a stone giant or your giant snake to a constrictor or a viper.

Each upgrade allows you to tweak the feel of your warband without utterly transforming the unit types.

One last note is worth making about minions. This is a very clever mechanic that both simulates a dungeon delve in otherworld fantasy skirmish middle of a competitive wargame, while also furnishing a potentially useful mechanic for a future campaign system perhaps weaker warbands could compete against stronger ones by gaining free purchases of wandering monsters for the duration of the battle, much like inductions in Blood Bowl.

Wandering monsters are a clever feature of the game that ooze theme, create a nasty surprise for a greedy opponent and open the door for future campaign play.

Otherworld Skirmish Rules and Accessories

Playing the Game The game plays out over a number of turns in which each player has the opportunity to act with some but not all of the models in their party. The turn sequence is simple, comprised of only four steps: Despite the derivative nature of the turn sequence, Otherworld does make a few interesting diversions from the customary wargame experience.

For instance, the initiative roll each player rolls a six-sided die and the otherworld fantasy skirmish with the highest roll gets to act first also doubles as a mechanism to determine fate points: The number of fate points available each round is the difference in the initiative rolls, split evenly between the two players a slight advantage going to the winner here, as odds are rounded in his favor.

Fate tokens provide an interesting way to make the game more dynamic and make things happen that might not have otherwise happened. That said, you usually will only have one or two of them and you can not bank them between turns. In your action phase, you gain a number of activation tokens equal to half the number of your warriors on the table.

Each activation token is first assigned to one model and then you may resolve two actions otherworld fantasy skirmish each activated model in turn.

OFS1 – Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish – Rulebook | Otherworld Miniatures

It may seem odd that you can only activate half of your warband otherworld fantasy skirmish any turn, but this does tend to create some tension and hard choices about what you want to accomplish in a round.

There are also a few ways to get more activations, including the aforementioned option of spending two fate points for one extra activation somewhat expensive, and you may want to keep your fate points to boost die rolls later on instead as well as activating legends, companions and minions with the leader ability.

When your models do act, they may take up to two actions, including moving, aiming, shooting, attacking in melee or performing some otherworld fantasy skirmish, special action such as casting a spell. They may even choose to take the same action twice, with the exception of shooting or aiming.

Models are free to move in any direction with the usual penalties for terrainalthough the final facing of a miniature is important for flank attacks and so on.

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