Block the strongest offensive moves made by the competition. block was when Johnson & Johnson defended an attack by Bristol-Myers in. Dulled by years of losses, Sharp goes on the offensive Trying to solve this challenge, Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America's sales “No one knows who Foxconn is in the U.S.,” Meyer said in the Wharton study. Better Email Etiquette Equals Better Marketing Results [16 Rules] What you find funny, someone else may find offensive. image Plus, the.


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Defensive Marketing Warfare: Defend Your Market Share

Most companies cannot sustain that kind of campaign for very long, and wind up collapsing under the strain.

Even when the attacking business is large itself — the logistics and planning behind a large scale offensives marketing meyer promotional or advertising campaign, perhaps ruin the hopes of any real surprise — making it even harder to pull from the market leader.

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However, as other coffee shops and and hangouts began advertising their free WiFi services, Starbucks noticed a drop in revenue. Not only that, but they have dedicated themselves to even faster WiFi than the competition.

Realizing there was an opportunity here, Bristol-Myers offensives marketing meyer a direct competitor to Tylenol: Those companies that engage such strategies aim to capture a market segment that is not well served by the existing competition.

As the flanking company moves in, other competitors must re-allocate their own resources to keep that targeted market, or end up ceding those customers to the flanking company.

Offensives Marketing : gewinnen mit POISE: Märkte gestalten - Potenziale nutzen

See also Offensive Marketing Who employs flanking marketing? Offensives marketing meyer is typically employed by offensives marketing meyer businesses against larger competitors. It might be employed by a large firm; however, a larger, established firm is less likely to risk inviting a confrontation in its own core market.

Fundamentals of Flanking avoid direct confrontation: It was a long-term strategy: ByMercedes was outselling Cadillac; and Cadillac had long lost its reputation as being the prime example of a luxury car. Absolut performed a similar maneuver in the vodka market. Purposely pricing themselves about 50 percent higher than leading competitor Smirnoff, they flanked them on the nearly established premium vodka market.

Budget Rent-a-Car used a low-price strategy to flank dominant competitors Avis and Hertz in the car-rental business. Softsoap used product innovation to flank hand-soap competitors, offering the first liquid soap.


Flanking strategies work both ways. Follow-through pursuit is equally as important as the attack itself. The firm should follow-through and focus on solidifying its position once it is offensives marketing meyer before competitors offensives marketing meyer competing products.

Too often, management turns its attention to the products that are not performing well rather than strengthening the position of the winners.


If the firm does not have the resources offensives marketing meyer strengthen its newly won position, then perhaps it should have used a guerrilla strategy instead of a flanking one. A flanking move does not require a totally new product. Instead, the product only needs to be different enough to carve its own position.

Ries and Trout offer the following examples of product variations on which to base flanking moves: Others such as Dollar and Thrifty followed, but Budget was ahead of the game and was able to solidify its position.

Marketing Warfare: Defensive Strategy

High price - customers tend to use price as a measure of quality. Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popping Corn and Haagen-Daz super-premium ice cream are examples of products that successfully positioned themselves in offensives marketing meyer high-price category.

The higher profit margins allow the firm to follow through and solidify its position. Small size - Sony with portable electronics and Volkswagen wth automobiles successfully won the position of small size.


Volkswagen lost its position as offensives marketing meyer attempted to broaden its line to all sizes of cars. Large size - for example, the Prince oversized tennis racquet.

Distribution - the product itself may not be substantially different but new distribution channels may be used. For example, Timex distributed its watches in drugstores and Hanes distributed L'eggs pantyhose in supermarkets using innovative packaging and displays.

Product form - for example, Close-Up was the first gel toothpaste and Softsoap was the first liquid soap.

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