For internal use only 2 © Nokia Siemens Networks Presentation / Author / Date Illustration on RAN KPI-RU20 SRNC Relocation RNC UE BTS2. 0 Introduction to UMTS Radio KPI 3G network planning introduce Huawei Northwest Africa Region RNP Solution Manage. analysis to Key Performance Indicators (KPI) monitored from network entities Packet switched domain of 3G UMTS network serves all data related In addition, [11], [12], [13], and [16] introduce the possible methods of multivariate analysis.


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Common Corporate Culture in Huawei and Haier? Can common values be found between internationally successful young Chinese enterprises? Almontaser bellah faisal Mohamed hussien almontaserbellahhussien gmail.

3G Huawei KPI

The most important feature of 3G mobile cellular network is introduction of voice data integrated service under multilayered cell environment to support overflow traffic of lower layered cells by upper ones. This paper first introduces the architecture of general 3G communication system in both parts; packet switched PS and circuit switched CS networks and then applies statistical analysis to Key Performance Indicators KPI monitored from network entities in PS and CS network to guide the long term capacity planning and better introduction 3g network kpis for the network by introducing a 3G network optimization cycle phases to analysis the problems from the KPIs and propose the introduction 3g network kpis solution for these problems, our methodology is applied to a case study of a cellular communications service provider company report for UTRAN performance in a month.

This report is proposed as an example of this case study and it's generated according to the proper UTRAN deployment company formulas; which is Huawei in this case. Introduction At present, dissimilar wireless access networks including 2.


With all these there are constant improvements in the existing technologies offering better performance at introduction 3g network kpis cost [1]. This is beneficial in both the end users and service provider's perspective.

In the service provider part these user's calls is the most important thing in which represent the traffic of the network, traffic in a telecommunications network is traditionally classified as voice and data but the present technology advances promise and video services in introduction 3g network kpis near future over broadband channels[2].

Moreover land wire communications networks will integrate new mobile services. Recently great attention has been paid to these mobile services, especially in cellular systems which will soon cover urban areas.

This traffic is moving from introduction 3g network kpis voice and SMS to multimedia.

3G Huawei KPI Research Papers -

UMTS can bring more attractive applications and better experience to subscribers, and provide a higher introduction 3g network kpis network and faster roll-out capability of new services to operators.

The instantaneous traffic intensity in a pool of resources is the number of busy resources at a given instant of time. The pool of resources may be a group of servers, e.

The statistical moments of the traffic intensity may be calculated for a given period of time.


Erlang is introduction 3g network kpis basic unit of telecom traffic intensity. Strictly speaking, an erlang is what mathematicians call a "dimensionless unit," representing continuous use of one circuit.

If you receive two-minute calls in an hour, then you received minutes, or 10 erlangs of traffic in that hour. Whether in 2G or 3G phase, the CN plays an essential role in the mobile network system to provide such important capabilities as mobility management, call and session control, switching and routing, charging and billing, and security protection.

However, there is a change in the circuit switched domain of R4, the second version of UMTS, which supports a networking mode where bearer is separated from control. More specifically, PS domain consists of data service NEs: It performs such functions as routing and data encapsulation between a MS and external data network, security control, network access control and network management.


Charging Gateway is the billing unit for PS domain. HLR is responsible for storing, updating, revising or deleting subscriber related information, covering the basic service subscription information, supplementary service subscription information and location information of subscribers.

In addition, it also implements the function introduction 3g network kpis subscriber security management. In UMTS circuit switched domain, MSC Server is a functional entity that implements mobile call service, mobility management, handover, and other supplementary services.

Huawei solutions for 3G networks: Huawei SingleRAN is a radio access network RAN technology offered by Huawei that allows mobile telecommunications operators to support multiple mobile communications standards and wireless telephone services on a single network[1].

KPIs should work for the business without requiring that half the entire organization work for groups that make, maintain, and feed these KPI systems. KPIs vary between management, marketing, operations and network engineering people depending on their priorities, perspectives or performance criteria sometimes referred to as "key success indicators KSI ".

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