Healer Baskar's Update on - Healer Baskar (Peace O Master) Anatomic Therapy One day. Yoga Healer Baskar Part1. Rajendiran Subramanian. Loading. . PART_2 - Duration: Swami. Healer Baskar has done and continues to do extensive research not only in the Aravinth Ramesh, lives in Tamil Nadu, India (present) · Author has   Why are people like Healer Baskar cheating the people of Tamil.


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Baskar reportedly left the show four months ago as he wanted to focus on his research.

'Can help you deliver baby like halwa': Why 'healer' Baskar was arrested in TN | The News Minute

But, was his content fact-checked? The channel didn't have a problem and he presented his content in a very simple manner. Others may have a second opinion," the member said.

The website of his foundation describes Baskar as a saint. He finds out new methods and teaches the common man, its benefits in the easiest way, in a service motive.

He is working towards spirituality, and for the welfare of all the souls of healer baskar tamil world," describes the website of the foundation. Misleading information Of his YouTube videos, a five-part series on pregnancy is particularly disturbing.

He starts off by claiming that only weak women feel pain during childbirth and that is also because people have stereotyped the process as painful. He further provides a three-step method for healer baskar tamil delivery.

'Can help you deliver baby like halwa': Why 'healer' Baskar was arrested in TN

Don't go to the hospital," he advised. If you don't do anything, the baby will come out by itself," he further claims in the video.

He further claims that if the water is white it is a boy child and if it is red, it is a healer baskar tamil.

You can even do this in the bathroom. The baby will automatically be born," he claims. Just inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. The Coimbatore Healer baskar tamil points out that healer baskar tamil directives are misleading and there is a reason women are asked to go to the hospital for the birth.

All pregnancies have to be registered and it is this process of institutional deliveries that have brought Tamil Nadu's maternal mortality rate down to In fact, in Coimbatore, the rate is only The Major Irrigation Minister, Mr.

Who is Healer Baskar in Tamil Nadu? Are his views correct? - Quora

Then there are many eminent persons including the dramatist, Mr. Hew claims that so far, he has treated more than one lakh patients throughout the country, at least 80 per cent of them successfully.

Healing is highly effective in healer baskar tamil pressure, asthama, arthritis, sciatica, healer baskar tamil pain, slipped disc, spine disorders, swelling, paralysis, neurological disorders, heart problems he successfully treated a young patient who had a hole in his heartetc.


It cannot work against nature yet, one may help in seeking some relief but not a cure. I do not have any bad habit, Healer baskar tamil do not even eat "supari.

I touch and pray and it works without any diagnosis. I will co-operate with scientists if they also do research on this subject.

Who is Healer Baskar in Tamil Nadu? Are his views correct? - Quora

He is not after money -- after all, he says, he collects only Rs. As he comes from a good family and with his son well-placed in the the United States, has never been short of money. There he took complete rest at his home for a period of 6 months. During that time, he got aquainted to his first Guru Sri.

Rangaraj, who started giving him valuable advises regarding improving health healer baskar tamil following some good practices.


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