The expert knowledge will typically be in the form of a set of IF-THEN rules. As we see in the figure, the shell will provide the inference engine (and knowledge representation scheme), a user interface, an explanation system and sometimes a knowledge base editor. enter image description here. Knowledge Base (KB): repository of special heuristics or rules that direct the use of knowledge, facts. A shell is a piece of software which contains the user interface, a format for declarative knowledge in the knowledge base, and an inference engine. The knowledge and system engineers uses these shells in making expert systems. ο‚—The Rule Engine(inference engine) is responsible for executing Knowledge-base rules.


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A significant area for research was the generation of explanations from the knowledge base in natural English rather than simply by showing the more formal but less intuitive rules.

These systems record the dependencies in a knowledge-base expert system architecture that when facts are altered, dependent knowledge can be altered accordingly.

For example, if the system learns that Socrates is no longer known to be a man it will revoke the assertion that Socrates is mortal.

Draw and describe the architecture of expert system.

In this, the knowledge base expert system architecture be divided up into many possible views, a. This allows the inference engine to explore multiple possibilities in parallel. For example, the system may want to explore the consequences of both assertions, what will be expert system architecture if Socrates is a Man and what will be true if he is not?


One of the first extensions of simply using rules to represent knowledge was also to associate a probability expert system architecture each rule. So, not to assert that Socrates is mortal, but to assert Socrates may be mortal with some probability value.

Artificial Intelligence - Expert Systems

Simple expert system architecture were extended in expert system architecture systems with sophisticated mechanisms for uncertain reasoning and combination of probabilities. With the addition of object classes to the knowledge base, a new type of reasoning was possible.

Along with reasoning simply about object values, the system could also reason about object structures. In this simple example, Man can represent an object class and R1 can be redefined as a rule that defines the class of all men.

  • Expert System Architecture
  • Expert system

These types of special purpose inference engines are termed classifiers. Although they were not highly used in expert systems, classifiers expert system architecture very powerful for unstructured volatile domains, and are a key technology for the Internet and the emerging Semantic Web.

With an expert system the goal was to specify the rules in a format that was intuitive and easily understood, reviewed, and even edited by domain experts rather than IT experts. The benefits expert system architecture this explicit knowledge representation were rapid development and ease of maintenance.

The case specific data includes both data provided by the user and partial conclusions along with certainty measures based on this data. In a simple forward chaining rule-based system the case specific data will be the elements in working memory.

expert system architecture

Expert system - Wikipedia

Almost all expert systems also have an explanation subsystem, which allows the program to explain expert system architecture reasoning to the user. Some systems also have a knowledge base editor which help the expert or knowledge engineer to easily update and check the knowledge base.

The knowledge engineer is a person with the qualities of empathy, quick learning, and case analyzing skills. He acquires information from subject expert by recording, interviewing, and observing him at work, etc.

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The knowledge engineer also monitors the development expert system architecture the ES. Inference Engine Use of efficient procedures and rules by the Inference Engine is essential in deducting a correct, flawless solution.

In case of knowledge-based ES, the Inference Engine acquires and manipulates the knowledge from the knowledge base to arrive at a particular solution. Adds new knowledge into the knowledge base if required.

Artificial Intelligence Expert Systems

Resolves rules conflict when multiple rules are applicable to a particular case. It considers all the facts and rules, and sorts them before concluding to a expert system architecture.

This strategy is followed for working on conclusion, result, or effect. For example, prediction of share market status as an effect of changes in interest rates.

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