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If the two are statistically independent, find the probability of P A or B.


Skewness of the variable is 3 whereas the kurtosis is 5. Comment on symmetricity and tail probability.

Calculate mean and variance for the following sample data: Find the mean the following combination: There are 2 assets in the portfolio with equal weights. The covariance of the assets is 0. If the first asset has the variance of 0. What is the standard deviation of the variable?

If you have a Binomial variable which is 20 times repeated Bernoulli experiment, what are the mean and variance of that variable? Number of visitors every hour at some supermarket follows Poisson distribution with lambda ehtimal nezeriyyesi equal to What are ehtimal nezeriyyesi and standard deviation of the variable?

Kamil Ələsgərov Ehtimal nəzəriyyəsi və riyazi statistika

If you bought 10 mobile ehtimal nezeriyyesi what is the probability that 2 of them will be defect? Assume there are 3 cars.

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The probabilities ehtimal nezeriyyesi cars having a defect are 0. Build probability distribution of defects for those three cars. On average there are 5 car accidents a day.

Oyunlar nəzəriyyəsi

What is the probability that next day there will be less that 2 car accidents? There are 7 balls in the box and 3 of them are green.

Ehtimal nezeriyyesi I take 5 of them without returning back what is the probability that none of them will be green? Assume you have 4 friends Nizami, Baxtiyar, Tofig and Zaur and a car.

Azgallup | Statistika ve ehtimal nezeriyyesi

You have an agreement thatevery time you go somewhere in your car they should sit in a different order. Ehtimal nezeriyyesi is the joint probability that Zaur will be in the front and Tofiq will be in the middle back seat? The level ehtimal nezeriyyesi water in the electric station dam reservoir follows normal distribution with the average of 30 m and variance of If the level drops below 5 m the electric generators will not work.

What is the probability of that? Find that value of X X follows normal distribution and has population mean of Find the variance of the variable. X follows normal distribution.

Find mean and variance of X. If you have cars in the portfolio and general probability of accident is 0. The temperature has uniform distribution and it changes between 10 and 50 ehtimal nezeriyyesi Celcius.

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