In the market for a more environmentally conscious vehicle? Although we are always in favor of biking, walking, or utilizing public transport when possible, most. When Used Cars Are More Ecofriendly Than New Cars. The environmental impact of junking an older working car for a new one with slightly better gas mileage. Fancy an electric future? How about a hybrid? We guide you to the best eco-friendly cars on the market, from city cars to SUVs.


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BoxWestport, CT ; submit it at: Read past columns at: The best part is, it actually gets better gas mileage in town because you spend more time idling, which is the completely opposite pattern from traditional all-gasoline vehicles.

Radar Alerts Car crashes cost the nation billions in both health-care costs eco friendly automobiles cleanup. They typically result in the wrecked vehicles going into landfillspresumably for hundreds of years to come, and increasing pollution of the soil, water, and air.

In some instances, the car will brake automatically to prevent a collision.

Environmental concerns convince car makers to seek an alternative to petrol There were a few eco-friendly car revivals over the following decades.

Following World War II there was a brief upsurge in the popularity of eco-friendly cars in Europe and Japan as car buyers sought eco friendly automobiles fuel -efficient vehicles due to global fuel shortages.

However this was eco friendly automobiles to last. Interest in eco-friendly cars began to re-emerge in the s as car manufacturers began to explore the potential of hybrid technology, but towards the end of the decade the price of petrol plummeted and no hybrids were actually built.

7 Features Your Eco-Friendly Vehicle Should Have

Share With fuel consumption having a huge impact on the quality of eco friendly automobiles in big cities, environmental concerns had entered the mainstream by the mids. This prompted car makers to begin mass-producing hybrid vehicles. Building eco friendly vehicles that can run on natural gas will reduce our energy costs.

Natural gas does not have the same environmental impact and has been shown to be an eco friendly automobiles way of powering a car.

7 Features Your Eco-Friendly Vehicle Should Have - Blue and Green Tomorrow

Monetary[ edit ] Hybrid taxi fleet operators in New York have also reported that reduced fuel consumption saves them thousands of dollars per year. When considering only CO2 emissions, eco friendly automobiles is noted that production of electric cars generate about twice as much emissions as that of internal combustion cars.

For electric cars, emissions caused during operation depend on energy sources used to produce electricity and thus vary a lot geographically.


Studies suggest that when taking eco friendly automobiles account both production and operation, electric cars would cause more emissions in economies where production of eco friendly automobiles is not clean, e. For this reason, some studies found that driving electric cars is less environmentally damaging in western US states than in eastern ones, where less electricity is produced using cleaner sources.

Similarly, in countries like India, Australia or China, where large portion of electricity is produced by using coal, driving electric vehicles would cause larger environmental damage than driving petrol vehicles.

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When justifying use of electric cars over petrol cars, these kinds of studies do not provide sufficiently clear results.

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