Fatal Error in Hey guys,. I just created a survey (the first one after installation) and I got this: Fatal error: Uncaught. This tutorial explains how-to send messages via SMTP using the PHPMailer class and your GMail account. PHP tutorial code is included! This is now only useful if the SMTP class; * is in a different directory than the PHP include path. * @var string; */; var $PluginDir = '';; /**; * Holds PHPMailer.


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Really, it's much easier to use Composer!

You should now be ready to use PHPMailer! Class phpmailer php PHPMailer defaults to English, but in the language folder you'll find numerous 48 at the time of writing!

Their filenames contain ISO language code for the translations, for example fr for French.

Index of /wp-includes/.imap/class-phpmailer.php

To specify a language, you need to tell PHPMailer which one to use, like class phpmailer php Documentation Start reading at the GitHub wiki. Reported by Yongxiang Li of Asiasecurity.


Contributing Please submit bug reports, suggestions and pull requests to the GitHub issue tracker. We're particularly class phpmailer php in fixing edge-cases, expanding test coverage and updating translations.

Lista plików w katalogu /core/model/modx/mail/phpmailer/

If you found a mistake in the docs, or want to add something, go ahead and amend the wiki - anyone can edit it. If you have git clones from prior to the move to the PHPMailer GitHub organisation, you'll need to update any remote URLs referencing the old GitHub location with a command like this from within your clone: If you'd like to donate to say "thank you" to maintainers or contributors, please contact them through individual profile pages via the contributors page.

However, it does not expose any of the popular features that many email clients use nowadays like HTML-based emails class phpmailer php attachments.

There are two proprietary development tools out there that have all the functionality built into easy to use classes: AspEmail tm and AspMail. Both class phpmailer php these programs are COM components only available on Windows.

They are also a little pricey for smaller projects.

PHP Cross Reference - MantisBT - Source: /library/phpmailer/

Below is the PHP code that sends the email from the server. The sample PHP code should look like below: When they fill in their email address and comment, the information is posted to email.

Note that PHPMailer is very flexible and has more features than described here. SMTP is a protocol used by mail clients to send an email send request to a mail server.

Once the mail server verifies the email it sends it to the destination mail server. We will be using the SMTP protocol: Before class phpmailer php send via SMTP, you need to find out the host name, port number, encryption type if required and if authentication is required you also need the username and password.

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