Causes of the Revolt of Economic Causes of Revolt of The economic policies of British impoverished the countryside while creating a new class of moneylenders at the expense of traditional zamindars and peasants. Political Causes of Revolt of Socio-Religious Causes of Revolt of Administrative. The revolt of is an important marker in Indian History, and is an area where questions have repeatedly featured in the Civil Services. Revolt OF ,India's 1st War of Independence, causes of revolt,political,economic,military,religious,doctrine of lapse,annexation awadh,expanding British.


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He belonged to the 34th Infantry stationed at Barrackpore. He refused to use the cartridges and was subsequently hanged. On 24 Aprilsome soldiers stationed at Meerut also refused to use the cartridges.

Top 4 Causes of the Revolt of In India

On 9 Maythey were severely punished for this. This incident sparked off a general mutiny among the sepoys of Meerut. On 10 Maythese rebel soldiers killed their British officers, released their imprisoned comrades and hoisted the flag of revolt.

The soldiers then set off for Delhi.

Indian Mutiny | Causes, Summary, & Facts |

On 11 Maythey reached Delhi. Here, they were joined by the local infantry.

Despite no discernible reason for a change in practice, some sepoys believed that the cartridges that were standard issue with the new rifle were greased with lard pork fat which was regarded as unclean by Muslims and tallow cow fat which angered the Hindus as cows were equal to a causes of the revolt of 1857 to them.

The sepoys' British officers dismissed these claims as rumours, and suggested that the sepoys make a batch of fresh cartridges, and grease these with beeswax and mutton fat.

This reinforced the belief that the original issue cartridges were indeed greased with lard and tallow.

Another suggestion they put forward was to introduce a new drill, in which the cartridge was not bitten with the teeth but torn open with the hand. The sepoys rejected this, pointing out that they might very well forget and bite the cartridge, not surprising given the extensive drilling that allowed 19th century British and Indian troops to fire three to four rounds per minute.

British and Indian military drills of the time required soldiers to bite off the end of the Beeswax paper cartridge, pour the gunpowder contained within down the barrel, stuff the remaining paper cartridge into the barrel, ram the paper cartridge which included the ball wrapped and tied in place down the barrel, remove the ram-rod, return the ram-rod, bring the rifle to the ready, set the sights, add a percussion cap, present the rifle, and fire.

The musketry books also recommended that, "Whenever the grease around the bullet appears to be melted away, or otherwise removed from the cartridge, the sides of the bullet should be wetted in the mouth before putting it into the barrel; the saliva will serve the purpose of grease for the time being" This meant that biting a musket cartridge was second nature to the Sepoys, some of whom had decades of service in the Company's army, and who had been doing musket drill for every day of their service.

The first sepoy who rebelled by aiming causes of the revolt of 1857 loaded weapon at a British officer was Mangal Pandey who was later executed. Before the rebellion, there were reports that "holy men" were mysteriously circulating chapatis and lotus flowers among the sepoys.

Leader of the British Conservative Party and future prime minister Benjamin Disraeli argued these objects were signs to rebel and evidence of a conspiracy, and the press echoed this belief.

This also became as cause of the revolt.

Causes of Revolt of - General Knowledge Today

Although Indian soldiers outnumbered the British soldiers, they could not rise above the rank of Subedar and were also racially insulted.

They were prohibited to observe some customary practices like wearing saffron mark on their foreheads, growing beard and wearing turbans.

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Moreover in A. But on the other hand, the British soldiers continued to receive this allowance.

Causes of Revolt of 1857

These three settlements were highly exploitative, and in particular, the Permanent settlement had created a devastating impact.

But the high rates of land revenue, ruined the prospects of Indian peasantry.


To reduce her now to an agricultural country would be an injustice to India. Martin, another Britisher, Mr Cope made the following statement before the Parliamentary Committee in

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