Brown Skin, White Masks has 56 ratings and 7 reviews. Kawtar said: I made the mistake of reading this before checking reviews otherwise i would have chan. Brown Skin, White Masks (The Islamic Mediterranean) and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. In this unprecedented study, Hamid Dabashi provides a critical examination of the role that immigrant "comprador intellectuals" play in facilitating the global. In this unprecedented study, Hamid Dabashi provides a critical examination of the role that immigrant "comprador intellectuals" play in facilitating t.


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Brown Skin, White Masks picks up where Fanon left off, and extends Fanon's insights as they apply to today's world. Capital, in the end, is colour-blind and gender-neutral. They are creating a Muslim enemy reduced to a few manufactured icons they can dehumanize and subjugate by assuming a superior civilizing mission—before they begin dropping brown skin white masks of bombs It is that sanctity, integral to a people's sense of dignity, that Ibn Warraq wants to steal from Muslims—thus preparing them to become what Giorgio Agamben calls homo sacer, "naked life", so that when they are massacred in multitudes, not even the dignity of the word "Palestinians" will be attached to their slaughtered numbers," p.

Regarding the recodification of racism in North America and the Anglo-European world brown skin white masks the operative guide brown skin white masks Islamophobia, Dabashi says, "The most significant lesson in the current recodification of racism in America is that racism as a phenomenon stays constant while its signifiers change visual and affective registers—from black to brown, from Jew to Muslim, at the center of which bifurcations remains a fictive white Christian interlocutor who demands and exacts racialized superiority.

Islam is the new Judaism, Muslims the new Jews, Islamophobia the new anti-Semitism, and brown the new black—all in the racialized imagination of a white-identified supremacy that must first alienate both in itself and of itself in order to rule," p.

Nail, hammer and head!

I enjoyed reading this book tremendously because it completely validated my own perspective on quite an extensive list of contemporary questions. No need to mention I will be using this book in my own ongoing Bahaism: The adverse effects were assessed as part of the post-colonial cultural legacy of the Mother Country to former imperial subjects.

Together with Fanon's The Wretched brown skin white masks the Earth, it received wider attention during cultural upheavals starting in the s, in the United States as well as former colonial countries in the Caribbean and Africa.

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It is considered an important anti-colonialanti-racistand Afro-pessimist work in Anglophone countries. Hamid Dabashi has written a new howl of rage with Brown Skin, White Masks against these "native informers".

Dabashi is a radical Iranian living in New York see interview on page He sees a new version of Fanon's happy colonial intellectuals in the academics, pundits and columnists - largely from the Muslim brown skin white masks - who make their living cheering on Western imperial intervention in Iraq or Afghanistan.

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